New Year in Edinburgh

SO, you know when you get to the airport at 2pm on the 30th December (AKA, the day before NYE, AKA the day before the most significant party date of the year) – and you join the queue and you find out your flight to Edinburgh has been cancelled and you all of a sudden have to mind-read the Queasy Jet staff in order to get any answers and end up having to catch the 5 hour train to Scotland’s capital instead? Well yeh… that.

After a less than swimming start, the tired pair arrived and taxi’d to our Airbnb, where we proceeded to celebrate our safe, if a little tardy, arrival with Matt’s first ever experience of a Great British Domino’s pizza (believe me when I say, they do NOT cook ’em like that down under). Because when in Rome…right?

New Years Eve was a day of high-tea, sight seeing, being 5 pints deep by 1pm and then a beautiful dinner at Devil’s Advocate (seriously, if you go to Edinburgh then you HAVE to go here. Especially if you’re as obsessed with egg-white cocktails, fairy lights and candles stuffed into wine bottles as I am.) The Hogmanay street party provided the fun and festive atmosphere that all of the guidebooks said it would, and it was probably the best New Years Eve I’ve ever had, in one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been.

New Years Day was all about brunchin’, castlin’, and maybe…juuust maybe…another sample of that renowned Scottish cuisine…Domino’s pizza.


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