Scandi Scarves & Rye Bread

If there’s one thing that suckered me into booking a trip to Copenhagen over Christmas, it was the scarves. It’s such an art form in Scandinavia and truthfully I just wanted a slice of the scarf pie to take back with me down under. Aside from learning that I’ll probably never be cool enough to pull off being Danish (and not just because I’m half the height of most of them with legs that only come up to my hips and don’t continue for days on end), I also learnt the following… Read More

New Year in Edinburgh

SO, you know when you get to the airport at 2pm on the 30th December (AKA, the day before NYE, AKA the day before the most significant party date of the year) – and you join the queue and you find out your flight to Edinburgh has been cancelled and you all of a sudden have to mind-read the Queasy Jet staff in order to get any answers and end up having to catch the 5 hour train to Scotland’s capital instead? Well yeh… that.

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