eCommerce Is The (Not So) New Black

In case you missed it, billionaire investor Warren Buffet recently sold $900 million worth of Walmart stock, effectively withdrawing from the retail giant altogether.

His reason?

The increasingly disruptive force of eCommerce and Walmart’s slow entry into the space. Read More

How To Become An Influential Brand

 In an age where everyone is a publisher, being influential on the World Wide Web is easier said than done. Couple that with the fact that the internet is already saturated with content, and you’re looking at a real challenge.

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Five Reasons Why Retail Brands Shouldn’t Ignore Mobile Marketing

Have you ever sat in a commuter train during peak hour, surrounded by hordes of people, and observed that the carriage is eerily silent? Have you noticed that no one is speaking, and all eyes are cast downward, transfixed on screens? That thumbs are instinctively scrolling, sending messages at a hundred miles an hour and browsing the internet with habitual intent?

Well that, and that alone, gives you one good reason why retail brands should not be ignoring mobile marketing in 2016. Here are five more: Read More

King Content Partners with Getty Images (Press Release)

The partnership will provide King Content clients with streamlined access to almost 70 million premium visual assets from the Getty Images and iStock by Getty Images collections. Getty Images content and search architecture will be directly integrated in King Content’s content marketing platform, which will see an increase in efficiency when it comes to accessing high-quality imagery and enhancing digital content.

Content Marketing ROI: What Metrics Matter?

When content marketing is done properly, it makes people stop, pay attention, think, and ultimately, behave differently. That is the power of content marketing.

You’re a company and you’ve made the wise decision (congratulations) to invest some big money in a content marketing strategy and campaign. Now you need your investment to be measurable. You need to make sure you’re getting adequate return on investment (ROI), in line with your overarching business goals. ROI isn’t simply about sales and profit. It’s also about engagement, awareness and conversions. The transient and unpredictable nature of these metrics can be intimidating for companies who want simply to be able to track the effectiveness of their content marketing campaign on a month-to-month basis, as you can with revenue. Read More

Six Ways of Marketing to Millenials

Stereotyped as an internet-addicted, debt-ridden and high-maintenance generation by the media, millennials are no strangers to negative labels.

But when marketing to them, it’s easy to see that Generation Y are so much more than their entitled, job-hopping reputation. They comprise the most ethnically, racially and socially diverse generation ever, with a strong social conscience and zero patience for online advertising.

While they might not be the easiest nuts to crack, establishing an effective marketing strategy to target millennials has never been so important. This socially savvy and technologically connected generation is well worth the effort to win over. For brands, they represent purchasing power valued at over $2 trillion per year worldwide.

Here are six things you should be doing in order to draw in those fickle Gen Yers. Read More

Flight Centre Travel Guides: Wanaka

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Wanaka Holidays

Often overlooked in favour of Queenstown, its adventure-centric neighbour, there is so much to lose if you bypass a trip to Wanaka. Situated next to the stunning Lake Wanaka on New Zealand’s South Island, Wanaka has been dubbed a “lifestyle reserve” for good reason.

The pace of life in this Kiwi treasure is whatever you want it to be – you can spend the day skiing, skydiving, rock climbing, mountain biking or simply drinking endless cups of delicious coffee at one of the beautiful cafés with views of the lake.

Sitting on the doorstep of the spectacular Mount Aspiring National Park, Wanaka is the perfect location to entertain the adrenaline addict in you, or you could step back and indulge your inner nature lover and culture vulture. Read More

Flight Centre Travel Guides: Byron Bay

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Byron Bay

Tucked away in the northern corner of New South Wales, Byron Bay is acharming beachside gem that should not be missed when visiting Australia’s east coast. Simply known as Byron to the locals, this place oozes an artistic and creative energy, boasts some of the best waves on the east coast and, despite becoming a popular tourist destination over the past two decades, has maintained its quintessential Aussie small town surf culture.

As well as playing host to a variety of music festivals annually, Byron is kept busy by the throngs of backpackers and tourists who flock to the beach 365 days a year. Your only stress will be deciding whether or not to leave. Read More

Flight Centre Travel Guides: Siem Reap

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Siem Reap Holidays

Serving as the gateway to the Angkor region, Siem Reap is home to the majestic remnants of Khmer Empire and some of the most iconic temples in the world. A chic resort town that draws tourists from far and wide for its proximity to world-famous Angkor Wat, Siem Reap is equally loved for its excellent hotels, food and nightlife. A city that exemplifies the paradoxes of Cambodia as a country, Siem Reap offers a startling contrast between rich and poor and tradition and modernity. Read More