eCommerce Is The (Not So) New Black

In case you missed it, billionaire investor Warren Buffet recently sold $900 million worth of Walmart stock, effectively withdrawing from the retail giant altogether.

His reason?

The increasingly disruptive force of eCommerce and Walmart’s slow entry into the space.

Buffet admits that despite massive successes in other areas, the company’s lack of commitment to eCommerce development at a time when giants like Amazon have been leading the charge in online retailing, has been catastrophic for Walmart.

In short; the evolution of eCommerce systems and strategies in today’s retail landscape has never been more relevant.  

Over a 15 year period, Mondo has aided Australia’s biggest brands with their transition into the digital space. Whether it’s straight-up photography, TVC’s and video content, copywriting or social content, we strike the perfect balance between quality, productivity and price.

It’s our core values of unity, integrity, creativity, client sovereignty and responsibility that have enabled us to forge such strong and long-standing relationships with brands such as David Jones, Woolworths, Big W and Ezibuy.

It is these sustained and valued relationships that have positioned us as a market leader in the provision of eCommerce services nationwide.

Our new eCommerce platform has been custom-built for maximum productivity, allowing us to shoot more products per day, saving our clients both time and money. It is unrivalled expertise, streamlined systems and teams of experienced professionals that are the reason Australia’s biggest brands trust us with the development and delivery of effective eCommerce services.

Agility, adaptability and pragmatism enable us to tailor all of our strategies to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. The only non-negotiable is quality.

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