How To Become An Influential Brand

 In an age where everyone is a publisher, being influential on the World Wide Web is easier said than done. Couple that with the fact that the internet is already saturated with content, and you’re looking at a real challenge.

Creating a unique identity with clearly defined values is essential to laying the foundations of a solid brand. Ultimately, content and social media drive influence, so placing these at the centre of your marketing plan will pay dividends in increasing your brand’s presence online.

Know who you’re talking to 

Knowing your audience is fundamental to tailoring relevant and specific content to suit their needs. If your audience is broad and diverse, strategise content that allows you to engage with each section in a meaningful way. Your content could be of very high quality, but if you’re not making it specific to a target audience, you run the risk of it falling on deaf ears.

Tell a story

Employing a mix of reach, frequency and engagement in a content strategy is what makes brands the most likely to succeed. Producing content that covers a range of topics from all levels of the business engages a wider audience, which serves to drive your brand’s influence online.

Offering something of unique value is the best way to get your brand noticed and shared, so identifying your content’s angle and maintaining it throughout your strategy makes your brand’s story much more accessible and easy to follow.

Be social 

Yes, it sounds like a no-brainer by now, but can it really be overstated? Being active and interactive on social media is one of the most obvious and effective ways to increase influence on the internet. Being social will increase brand engagement, awareness and loyalty, as well as driving online lead generation.

In today’s 24/7, always-on environment, consumers expect to be able to interact with brands on any social platform whenever they choose. Staying active on social media demonstrates engagement and relevance, which is integral to a brand’s online identity.

Be measurable

Measuring your content journey is essential in order to track successes and failures. Analysing statistics and data means you’re able to paint a picture of what works and what doesn’t. By obtaining an impression of where your traffic is coming from and how that translates into paying customers, you’re able to gauge how your content is serving to grow your brand. Plus, having a documented content strategy almost doubles the chance that you’re successfully tracking ROI.

Be relevant

Producing content that your audience wants to see is essential to increasing online influence. People tend to be most interested in content that helps them become better at what they do, or teaches them something interesting and relevant. Acknowledging which subjects you’re going to specialise in is fundamental to ensuring you don’t spread yourself too thin and end up irrelevant to your market.

Becoming influential online depends on a well-planned and cogent content and social media strategy that tells a relevant story to a specific target audience.

But in such a transient industry, keeping up is a battle in itself.

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